Our story

Ella Masters

is an award winning illustrator from North London, who from an early age developed a passion for Antique and Vintage Jewellery.

When she is not working as a live portrait artist or creating illustrated work for clients she spends her spare time hunting out antique goodies for Love and Luck, established in June 2018 after the loss of her youngest brother, Ella wished to celebrate his memory with a piece of memento mori jewellery, unable to find the right piece of affordable antique jewellery Ella decided to set up Love and Luck Jewellery armed with years of knowledge on how to hunt out pieces and bring them back to life Ella combines her already burgeoning collection of jewellery and new finds to give you Love and Luck.

Love and Luck is fast becoming more then a side hustle, the shop is becoming a wonderful place for customers to hunt out future heirlooms at affordable prices.

Each piece is hand selected by Ella, including reclaimed pieces of jewellery given a new lease of life. Ella is also a trained silversmith after she wished to develop her love of creating graduating from the London Jewellery school in 2019.

Love and Luck is filled with second hand, loved and reclaimed antique jewellery. Current collections you'll find charm necklaces over in the Ada collection, Hand jewellery one of Ella’s obsessions, loose charms in the new charm shop, silver and gold coin necklaces, puffy seed heart pendants and memento mori encased photo charms as well as Ella personal favourite Victorian Love tokens.