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"Ada" Sterling silver fede betrothal gimmelring

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I'm a big fan of Fede or Betrothal rings, I have a personal collection of a few and also a tattoo to match ha! but this beautifully delicate Fede ring is unique in the fact its made from one single piece of silver, possibly in the past it was a Childs friendship ring as it's cute on your pinky. Perfect for adding to a stack of rings or wearing alone. 


A gimmal ring, or gimmel ring, is a ring with two or three hoops or links that fit together to form one complete ring. The name gimmal comes from Latin gemellus, twin, via Old French. They were known as joint rings in Elizabethan England. These are often referred to as puzzle rings due to the interlocking mechanisms - but this one is a simple hands holding each other

Size small

wonderful condition, no visible hallmarks but tested silver.

unique one off

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