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Love and Luck Jewellery

Victorian style hand pendant with heart

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Beautiful Victorian style hand necklace, reclaimed from 1940’s brooches and hand made into a beautiful necklaces

this has to be one of my favourite pieces of jewellery ever in the love and luck store

chain measures 19.5 hand cut and adjusted necklace so its sits comfortably on the chest.

A wonderful piece that will be hard to part with but will mean the world to someone.

In many cultures, people use their hands to help convey emotions when communicating. Throughout history, shaking hands in friendship, holding hands in affection, or reaching out with a token of love to ask for a hand in marriage have all been captured in this expressive motif in antique jewelry. From ancient Roman times through the sentimental Georgian and Victorian eras, hands have held many messages: loyalty, strength, romance and fidelity. Antique brooches pendants and clasps holding a flower signifies a gift of friendship or a token of affection. If it is a forget-me-not, it might be in remembrance of a departed loved one